Global Melt Board Game

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The goal is to survive after melting polar ice caps cause the earth to flood. To design this board game, I created illustrations for the back of four different types of playing cards, the game board, and the box. I also designed various tokens and custom 3D-modelled dice.

To play Global Melt, you first roll the two dice. The direction dice shows which way to move (N- North, E- East, S- South, W- West, ?- Any direction, C- Pick up a movement card) and the number dice tells you how many squares to move.

The goal is to collect ‘DNA tokens’ (small green tokens which can be won or lost through game events, activated by landing on an icon on the board and reading a corresponding card) that are traded for ‘Mutation Coins’ (blue and gold coins that are kept until the end of the game). 10 DNA – 1 Mutation.

Once all of the Mutation Coins have been claimed, the game ends, and the player/s who ‘mutated’ the most ‘survive’ and win the game.